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The Lovely Kaoru San


Bio: Japanese and BBC Curious 

Age: Just a number
Turn Ons:
Status: Single
  • Handsome bright smile

  • Well dressed and educated

  • Firm confidence, but subtle dominance

  • Deep sexy voice

  • Dark skin

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Turn Offs:
Height: 5' 7"
Body Type: Curvy and Supple
  • Jealous people

  • Desperate behavior

  • Poor grammar

  • Over-sensitive egos

Measurements: 36E-26-36
Languages: Japanese, Indonesian, English
  • Going commando to the movies in a mini skirt with a black man

  • Cooking and cleaning for a BBC

  • Being a sexy Karaoke waitress for a group of horny black businessmen in Japan. 

  • Fuck a black baseball player in the locker room

Astrological Sign: Taurus 

Enjoying The Finer Things In Life

Thank you for making me a part of the Heidiao Queen Community! I'm Kaoru San. I was born in Indonesia, but my family is Japanese.  I grew up in a conservative Muslim culture, but once I moved to the USA, I stopped constantly worrying about what Allah would think if he knew my fantasies and started to explore them with my ex boyfriend. He was a white guy from the mid west who was actually the one who got me into black men. One day we were sharing out fantasies with each other and he mentioned that he had a cuckold fetish, especially with black men and their BBC. I found it amazing that he would tell me all of this and that he wanted me to try a black man in front of him. The more I thought about it, the more it turned me on. We eventually broke up before we got the chance to give it a try, but since then I have tried by myself and I'm glad he suggested it. "I guess what they say is true. Once you go black, you never go back." Since I started dating black men, I have never had a desire to go back to dating white guys ever again!


As a single, Asian immigrant female, I have to be very careful about  sharing too much about my private life. In the adult lifestyle I like to be a bit of an exhibitionist, especially in front of the camera. I was naturally very excited when HDQ asked me to pose for her website. We met at an orgy when we were the only two Asian women in a room full of black men and other sexy ladies. We connected over our attraction to black guys and kept in touch since then. 

I hope you guys enjoy my pics and videos. I'll try to check in once and a while to see how the community is doing. Have fun!




Kaoru San

Wanting to Serve Black Men Only

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  • Access to The Queen's Realm Forum where you can hear all of my latest gossip.

  • Support and celebrate interracial relationships and cross cultural love.

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Supporting the Black Community

My goal is to increase interactions and connections between the Black and Asian adult lifestyle community. It is my pleasure to help connect my Asian and Black community members. For me this a life long project, so I hope you are as passionate as I am about making an impact in this world.  




Heidiao Queen

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