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1) Proper Behavior Guidelines

Our user community does not tolerate improper behavior or lack of respect for others. To be a member of good standing, you must read and acknowledge the guidelines of proper online engagement and interaction. Please read the community behavior expectations and acknowledge that you understand your behavior directly affects others in this community.

Guidelines on Proper Online Behavior:

Yes to Healthy Participation, No to Improper Fetishization

  • Healthy Participation encompasses a wide range of roles, behaviors, and activities that are all welcome such as cuckolding, domination, and gangbangs. These can all be healthy and respectful activities such that those who are involved are all consenting adults who can be respectful and considerate of others involved. To be a successful lifestyle participant, you must know how to go with the flow and never be pushy, rude, or dishonest, but instead always be considerate, tolerant, and upfront with others. 

  • Improper Fetishization can include many very specific types of improper behavior. Most often people may "fetishize" others in the lifestyle by participating without properly engaging with their partners on the same basic human level. Respect NEEDS to be shown to all others in the room regardless of your role or status. This is done so that everyone involved can keep their dignity and self respect without being shamed, objectified, or taken advantage of in any way. 

The following examples may illustrate what constitutes healthy participation and improper fetishization:

  • Asking about a person's or couple's sexual boundaries in advance of any sexual activity.  (Healthy Participation)

  • Assuming others' sexual boundaries without properly knowing. (Improper Fetishization)

  • Approaching a potential partner/partners with no expectations in place for them. (Healthy Participation)

  • Approaching a potential partner/partners with expectations based on racist or misogynistic stereotypes. (Improper Fetishization)

  • Discussing lifestyle topics and interacting with others in the community as equals and co-contributors. (Healthy Participation)

  • Shunning or excluding others in the community based on race, sexual orientation, or culture. (Improper Fetishization

  • Making lifestyle choices based on one's own sexual preferences. (Healthy Participation)

  • Making lifestyle choices based on racist superiority complexes. (Improper Fetishization)

Now that you have a better understanding of the community behavioral guidelines, please make sure to be considerate and respectful of others as you find enjoyment here. We are all here in this party together, therefore make sure that you can understand how to "fit in" or else you may be asked to leave. Thank you in advance. 


Heidiao Queen 


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