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Mission Statement, Vision and Commitment

Mission Statement:


Heidiao Queen is an online adult community of users who seek to explore the fun and excitement of the hotwife/interracial lifestyle with real people from across the world. In this online community, we foster and promote the healthy development of this specific area of adult fantasy entertainment and lifestyle choices. We aim to help people of different cultures and nationalities connect by helping to make their fantasies become a reality or to help them explore their curiosities. Through first person experiences, the Queen shares high quality and authentic content in the form of photos, videos, podcasts, shares and daily updates. In addition to this premium personal content, the community also offers forums for responsible sharing of authentic, user-generated adult content and discussion. The community also aims to help promote other content creators and collaborators by providing promotional outlets and sharing tools. By creating this online community platform for content creators, lifestyle participants and enthusiasts, we aim to foster and develop new cross cultural connections within the hotwife/cuckold couple community and the black community. We do not discriminate based on race, but rather personal preference. 




Heidiao Queen is an online user community sharing the pleasures and fantasies of the hotwife/interracial lifestyle. We aspire to foster the positive development of race relations globally and support the advancement of black culture and wellbeing. In order to do our part to support our black brothers and sisters, the website will donate a portion of every lifetime membership sale directly to a charity organization that supports the black community from a list of charities that we support. Over the long term, we aim to help people build cross cultural cooperation and growth opportunities that lead to increased prosperity and happiness for all. 

Commitment to Progress:

In order to provide material support to the black community, this website will source all non-custom made merchandise exclusively from blacked owned businesses. In addition, the website will regularly provide it's visitors and members with opportunities to provide their monetary support through direct donation channels, charitable promotions, and member support pledges. 

Collaboration and Cooperation:

The aim of this community is to help people by developing and curating an online community space where members can satisfy their curiosities and develop their fantasies together in a healthy, safe environment. We are committed to content creation collaboration with only adult aged models who strive to achieve the same goals. We encourage any REAL online content creators to approach us and inquire about business collaboration. Click here for our content collaboration contact form.

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