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Safe and Responsible Play 

A reminder about safe and responsible lifestyle play in the age of Covid-19:

As a reminder to everyone who hasn't been paying attention to events in the world since the beginning of 2020, we advise all site visitors and members to practice safe sex, social distancing, and responsible fun in small gatherings. If you have lost anyone during the pandemic due to the virus, we send you our condolences on behalf of the entire HDQ community. We aim to provide fun adult lifestyle content for your enjoyment, but also would like to help educate others on how to practice safe and responsible adult lifestyle fun. As always, practice safe sex with your partners, make sure you and your partners are tested (for STDs as well as Covid-19). Make sure to follow local guidelines on social gatherings and heed medical advisories from your national and international health organizations. We look forward to making many more memories in this lifestyle once the pandemic is fully behind us, however we must work together to defeat it and come out stronger as a community and a civilization. Please do your part to help protect yourself, your loved ones, and others in your community from the dangers of the virus. Responsibility is sexy. We look forward to hearing more of your sexy lifestyle comments and stories in our community areas. Stay safe and life life well!

Heidiao Queen

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