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Kellie Shin's Private Collection

Join me in my private moments collection to see all of the hot and sexy fun I have at home.

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Lingerie Lust

When I wear lingerie, I like to pose and have fun taking pictures. Lingerie is a really nice article of clothing, but it just ends up on the floor when you wear it for that special someone. I take my time stripping it off for my lover because it adds to the anticipation and seduction of the moment.

In this set you will see me in multiple lingerie sets just showing off and being naughty for the camera. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it!

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Nudity in Nature

Ahh the great outdoors! Nature is a beautiful world where we can just live and be our natural selves. Sex is natural and so am I. I love taking the day off to go out when its nice to just take fun pictures outside and in public. This set features me on a bike ride, chopping wood, and posing in water. I hope you enjoy the artistic touches of the photographer who worked very hard to get my best images.

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Whipped Cream and Chains Excite Me

Who doesn't like to get tied up and restrained in the bedroom? You can see how much I love it by the look in my eyes. A guy friend of mine told me about his fantasy that involves whipped cream and tying me up and taking pictures of me. Well, I indulged him and his photography is what you see. Please enjoy this premium set and think about me whispering in your ear, "Do you want more whipped cream baby?"

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