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Get a Free Entrance Pass for Switching Web Browsers

As part of the unfortunate trend of de-platforming and denial of online payment services, the Heidiao Queen Community has been targeted and inhibited from producing and delivering its signature content: Interracial Adult Lifestyle Culture. As we regret to inform you, we have recently changed our site visitor policy to allowing only paying members to enter the site. The lifetime entrance pass costs $2.99USD and only needs to be purchased once. 

Luckily, the Brave browser is the an excellent solution for not just visiting the Heidiao Queen Community, but it enhances your desktop/laptop web browser experience in a number of helpful ways:

  • Blocks all unwanted pop-ups from spamming your web browser,

  • Increases your browser speed by blocking bots and ad trackers,

  • Pays you to use its browser Brave. The more you use it, the more free cryptocurrency you will earn. 

  • Overall, it saves you time, keeps your browser more secure, and rewards you for viewing ads embedded in the Brave browser. (If you use Brave as your preferred web browser, you will be automatically rewarded each month in Brave.)

Learn about Brave

How Can You Get A Free Heidiao Queen Lifetime Entrance Pass By Switching To Brave?

  1. Download the Brave Browser here.

  2. Opt-In to ads in your Brave browser. Receive monthly rewards for switching.

  3. Move your browser use to Brave.

  4. Send your $2.99USD equivalent to the Heidiao Queen Community BAT Wallet here.

  5. Contact Heidiao Queen with your wallet address and email address to confirm you have paid in BAT here.

  6. Once you are confirmed to have paid, you will then earn your Lifetime Entrance Pass. 

What are your waiting for? Earn a free lifetime entrance to the Heidiao Queen Community for switching to Brave!

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