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How to waive entrance fees?

If you would like to enter the site to stay current on all of the new exciting things happening at the Heidiao Queen Community, then just help us share our content on social media by following the instructions below:

Option 1 (Promote the Heidiao Queen Community on Social Media)

  1. Find Heidiao Queen on Facebook and send a Friend invite. Leave a Facebook message to say you would like an entrance fee waiver along with your social media account where you will be posting.

  2. Once Heidiao Queen has read your message, she will reply with the photo and caption to post on your social media account (facebook, twitter, or instragram)

  3. When you post the picture on your social media, remember to copy and paste the caption you are sent in the reply. 

  4. Finally, leave the post visible for others to see for 24-48 hours so that Heidiao Queen can check and verify that you in fact did share the post on your social media page. Once Heidiao Queen has verified within the 24-48 hour time frame, she will turn on your free site member status. You will be notified you have an invoice for the $2.99 entrance fee subscription, but you will not be charged. 

Option 2 (Switch your web browser to Brave and start earning free cryptocurrency. For details click here.)

  1. Download the Brave Browser here.

  2. Opt-In to ads in your Brave browser. Receive monthly rewards for switching.

  3. Move your browser use to Brave.

  4. Send your $2.99USD equivalent to the Heidiao Queen Community BAT Wallet here.

  5. Contact Heidiao Queen with your wallet address and email address to confirm you have paid in BAT here.

  6. Once you are confirmed to have paid, you will then earn your Lifetime Entrance Pass. 

Thank you for helping the community to grow so that it can provide more exclusive content in the future!

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